Invasive Insect Invasion

A spotted lanternfly (SLF) has been identified in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY.

If you see this invasive pest, please please please kill it and notify the Conservation Commission and NYS DEC. SLFs have devastated areas of Pennsylvania and are now chewing their way through New Jersey.

What a volunteer has to say about working at the Marshlands Conservancy

A board member recalls her first experience volunteering through the Environmental Educator Training Program held at Marshlands Conservancy and Cranberry Lake. The program was coordinated by volunteer Barbara Hicks, and later Penny Berman. Mary B. Davis, Program Director, along with curators Alison Beall, Ken Soltesz, and Jeff Main, taught the 20-session course (offering four college credits from SUNY Purchase and Manhattanville College).